Tattooed Lady: Comin' Up Roses, TRUNCATED series
Resin, graphite, colored pencil, false teeth, watercolor, mixed media
24”H x 17”W x 11”D
Hudson River Museum
Promises Made, FOR KEEP'S SAKE series
Resin, graphite, colored pencil, faux flowers, wood
14"" x 7"
Hudson River Museum
Repression, THE ROOTS OF TERROR series
Black Oil Pastel on Strathmore paper
40" x 30"
Chysler Museum of Art, VA
Strapped, RECOGNITIONS series
Black Oil Pastel, belts, wood
74” x 48”
Housatonic Museum, CT
Night Fiend, THE ROOTS OF TERROR series
Litho crayon on paper
17 7/8” x 14”
Islip Art Museum, NY